While some parts of Delhi are facing long power cuts in the sweltering heat of June, power discoms said there is a direct connection between power theft and quality of power supply in an area. According to power experts, power reliability can go down significantly in pockets where distribution losses are higher.

“Power reliability in pockets where distribution transformer (DT) losses are above 10 per cent can go down to around 97-98 per cent, as compared to power reliability of around 99.8 per cent where distribution transformer losses are under 10 per cent. This difference, seemingly small, is the difference between reliable power supply and outages,” said power discom officials.

The officials said areas which have a high incidence of power theft, including unauthorised colonies which have no space for augmenting infrastructure, are experiencing more outages.

“High loss pockets not only cause revenue loss but also overload the distribution network impacting the reliability of power supply in these areas. In fact, power theft in unauthorised colonies and theft areas also impacts power supply in adjoining planned colonies. This overloading of the distribution network is an extra burden on the honest consumers, both financially and in getting reliable power supply,” they added.

At the time of privatisation, Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT & C) losses in Delhi were over 55 per cent which have reduced to below 15 per cent over the last 13 years. Still, there are areas in where AT & C losses range between 25 per cent and 60 per cent.[Pioneer]