Even after being fined of Rs 1.97 lakh for power theft at Mataur police station in Phase VII, the city police continue to steal electricity through "kundi" connections at two more police stations.

The power is being stolen with impunity at the Mohali and Nayagaon police stations.

“This theft has been continuing since both police stations started their operations," said officials of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited."As both police stations are being run from the sites for several years, the amount of power theft must have been running into several lakhs of rupee," added the officials.

It is to be noted that a case of power theft has already been registered against the Nayagaon police station at the anti-power theft police station in Patiala following a raid by its team earlier.Adding insult to injury, the Phase I and VIII police stations in the town have not paid their electricity bills, running into more than Rs 25 lakhs, for years. The Power Department is yet to recover around Rs 17 lakh from the Phase VIII police station and the rest from that of Phase I.While the Mohali police are yet to pay fine imposed at the Mataur police station for kundi connection, the Power Department on Saturday installed an electricity meter at the site.[THE TRIBUNE]