Nagpur: MSEDCL has decided to crack down on electricians helping consumers in pilfering power in order to root out the problem. If a power pilferer provides MSEDCL the name of the electrician who helped him, the company will not lodge a police complaint against him. The consumer will only have to pay the compounded amount. The chief engineer (commercial) of MSEDCL has issued a circular in this regard.

A MSEDCL official said that the company had realized that while the power pilferers were getting caught during vigilance operations, the technicians who tampered the energy meters through various methods were not getting caught. "One such electricians helps hundreds of consumers in pilfering power. If he is caught then it will prevent large number of power thefts. Moreover, it will discourage other such electricians," he added.

MSEDCL head office has prepared a form for power pilferers who wish to expose the guilty electricians. This form is both a theft admission form as well as an application for compounding the theft.

The official further said that in many cases MSEDCL compounded the theft if the consumer had been caught for the first time and if he was ready to pay the assessed amount. "Now, however, we will insist that the consumer name the guilty electrician if he wanted the offence to be compounded," he added.

The guilty electrician, whether a MSEDCL employee or a private person, will be booked under relevant sections of Electricity Act, 2003. In case of MSEDCL employees disciplinary action will also be initiated.[TOI]