Power supply facilities in Madhya Pradesh have detected irregularities in more than 60,000 connections and recovered revenue of Rs. 76 crore from across the state, an official said on Friday.

The drive against pilferage of power was launched earlier this year and until July-end electricity connections of 3.9 lakh high and low tension consumers were checked, said Mukesh Modi, a government spokesperson.

“Irregularities were found in as many as 63,403 connections across the state. Cases were filed in special courts and revenue to the tune of Rs 76.99 crore was recovered from the defaulters,” he said

“The maximum number of power thefts was detected in the Chambal region, where there is a tendency by consumers to default on electricity bills. The region has the maximum number of unauthorized connections and non-payment of bills.

“Consumers are now realizing...that if the bills are not paid, they face court cases and heavy penalties later.”

According to a report released by the Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company—the holding company for power Discoms in the state--, electricity theft was detected in every 6th connection during the drive against pilferage of power in areas under the central, eastern and western region power distribution facilities.

Eastern Region Power Distribution Company checked more than 1.48 lakh power connections in Jabalpur, Rewa and Sagar regions, out of which irregularities or power thefts were detected in 28,000 connections.

More than Rs 25 crore was recovered from the defaulters, the report said.

The Madhya Pradesh Western Region Power Distribution Company checked more than 2 lakh power consumers in Indore and Ujjain divisions. A sum of Rs 38 crore was recovered from erring consumers. The company has filed 21,245 cases of power thefts and irregularities in special courts.

Putting two and two together

3.91 lakh connections were checked

63,402 connections in which irregularities were detected

Rs 76.99 crore revenue recovered from defaulters[HT]