Power theft has become a major source of revenue loss to power utilities. Despite their efforts, power utilities have not been able to contain it. This book deals with the practice of power theft all over the word, with special thrust on the Indian scenario, and describes methods to control it.

The book discusses the various methods of power theft, giving a peep into the ingenuity and imagination of power thieves. Besides, it provides a graphic account of meter mechanism, meter dodging, stateof- the-art techniques of high-tech power theft, measuring principles, and methods of analysis of power theft. The book presents as many as fifty types of power theft with the help of suitable photographs so as to analyse the problem from various angles.

Besides being of practical interest to the students of Electrical Engineering as part of their courses on Power System, the book can be of principal interest to professionals engaged in electricity boards, power utilities and power training institutes, and energy auditors.



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