It’s not good news for the residents of New Palam Vihar, as they will soon have to pay for some people indulging in electricity theft. The Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitaran Nigam (Dhbvn) said it will cut electricity supply for four hours daily in the area to compensate for the line-loss from Wednesday.The residents made their misgivings known over the utility’s power cut plan.The department has failed to fix the power theft problem of the city.“We are surprised to hear that they will cut down on electric supply to compensate for line loss. We have not received any information from the department in this regard,” said Azad Kataria, a resident.

“The officials can check every house for meter tampering and illegal connections at night. There are several other ways to deal with power theft,” Kataria said.Lokesh Sharma, another resident, said, “The residents of New Palam Vihar are being targeted because this locality is yet to be regularized by the Haryana government. Power theft is happening across the city and even in posh localities.”Read I Gurgaon reels under 8-hour power cuts, officials cite maintenance workNavin Verma, superintending engineer (SE) Dhbvn Gurgaon Circle I, said that New Palam Vihar has reported 35 percent line-loss.

“We have direction from the government to consider the line loss percentage while supplying power. The line loss is less than 20% in areas where the DHBVN supplies power for 24 hours, while it goes up to 20-25% in areas where the supply is for 22 hours. The line loss is anywhere between 25% and 35% in areas where the DHBVN supplies power for 20 hours. The supply is further reduced to 18% in areas where the line loss has been reported at between 35% and 50%. In areas where the loss is more than 50%, the supply is reduced to 12 hours,” Verma said.The DHBVN official said the residents will have to cooperate in order to check power theft, as it has emerged as a major cause of concern for the Haryana government. It has issued strict directions to utilities to check power theft and boost supply.[Hindustan Times]

Police on Sunday registered a case against a senior official of a tea strainer manufacturing unit for alleged Rs 10 crore power theft since November 2011 by tampering an electricity meter.State Vigilance department in the wee hours of Saturday, conducted a raid and detected an electricity theft at a  Tea Strainers Mfg company at Sitafalwadi, Mazgoan.

The raiding team, headed by a senior officer, found 176KW connected load to the company and estimated loss in range of Rs 10 crore involving two Current Transformer meters. They are also suspecting a third meter and are further investigating.According to sources, the Vigilance department after receiving the information raided the company in wee hours. The department has accused the owner of the company for the electricity theft. He has not been arrested yet.After the raid, the Vigilance department approached the Byculla police station and gave them the raid details and documents. The complaint was accordingly filed under Indian Electricity act 2003.

Senior inspector of the Byculla police station  confirmed the development and said that the investigation is on to check if any other people are also involved in the crime.[MID DAY]


The vigilance team of the power discom Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitaran Nigam (DHBVN) on Tuesday morning found 22 police personnel of the city engaged in power theft. The team had received anonymous complaints of electricity theft through illegal power connections and meter tampering by police personnel at Police Lines near the civil hospital.The team reached the site at 6am and conducted inspection till 11am. It found several wires hanging from the main line and some damaged meters. The team disconnected power connections to these houses and sent the tampered meters for lab tests.Police Lines has 500 flats in which personnel of various ranks reside.Navin Verma, superintending engineer, DHBVN Gurgaon, said, “Power theft has been a prime concern for us as it causes irreparable damage to power distribution. We are trying our best to improve the situation. Those who have been caught for theft and meter tampering will be treated as per the law for the offence.”He said those caught will have to pay penalty as per rules. There is a provision of three years’ imprisonment or fine. If a person does not pay the fine, there is a provision of filing an FIR, he added.

“There is a formula for imposing penalty. The person will have to pay the whole year’s electricity bill in one go, which can be doubled. The year is calculated from the date of action,” Verma said.The vigilance team was surprised to find police personnel involved in power theft.“Even though they are lower-ranked police personnel, such acts brings a bad name to the department. We were shocked to see as many as 17 wires hanging from windows, drawing electricity from the main line. Many of the personnel found involved had meters at home,” a DHBVN official said.According to discom officials, a major cause of the power outages affecting many parts of the city is electricity theft or line loss.

“As many as 74 feeders have been identified in which the loss is more than 50%. It is a huge problem and the only way to check it is to shut down the feeders for scheduled cuts,” said the DHBVN official, adding that the government has directed them to cut the power losses.Responding to the incident, Manish Sehgal, spokesperson, Gurgaon police, said, “Lawful action will certainly be initiated against those found guilty of power theft. We will initiate action after receiving a report from the DHBVN.”[Courtesy-Hindustan Times ,NewDelhi]




LUCKNOW: Voluntary disclosure of power theft will save you from penal action. Energy department on Wednesday started SARVDA - Special Amnesty for Responsible Voluntary Declaration Abhiyan for domestic consumers in rural and urban areas. The scheme will continue till June 20. Domestic consumers with single phase meter can ge registration done under the scheme till June 15. Domestic consumers using up ot one kilowatt will have to pay Rs 50 for registration and for 2kilowatt to 4kilowatt consumers will have to pay Rs 100 for registration.Consumers can declare using `katia', enhanced load, domestic connection for other purposes or damaged meter cable and get the discrepancy regularised by paying the processing fee. The effort is meant to curb power theft and regularise illegal consumption of electricity. There have been conditions laid for regularization like in case of `katia', distance of the consumer's premises from `katia' or LT mains should be less than 40 metre. Consumers will have to declare that there was no connection issued for the premises in the past and that there are no pending dues. New connection will be issued after depositing the processing fee and cost of connection in three working days. If consumer fails to deposit the amount in three working days, there will be no connection issued and penal action taken against the consumer.In case there are arrears pending against the consumer's name or someone else's name for the same premises, the amount will be added in the fee being charged for new connection. Similarly, there are terms and conditions fixed for load enhancement, replacement of damaged cable and changing the category[News Source:]

Electricity has become the priority for every organization and individual due to the emerging developments and growing demands in all sectors. The essential process of a power supply includes power generation, power distribution, and power transmission to different destinations. Few technical faults and losses may occur due to power dissipation by some devices. These faults and losses can be minimized using the fast developing technology. However, there are other kinds of losses which are caused deliberately by humans for the sake of illegal access to the power distribution. This is nothing but power theft.

Due to huge power theft, India is losing billion of rupees because of unbilled consumption and illegal power usages. If you add all the unpaid bills to this loss, then the electricity distribution companies and boards will be in a huge loss. The recent estimates say that only half of the revenue is realized. As per a world bank’s report, there are two components of losses which are technical and non-technical. Technical losses are mainly because of power supply dissipation due to faulty transmission and distribution lines, measurement systems and transformers.

Here are other power losses which incurred as a result of actions that are outside the control of the power supply like errors in accounting and record keeping. Power theft losses also called commercial and non-commercial losses, which are very difficult to estimate but run into huge amounts. Brazil and India rank high on the list of the huge power loss. Countries like U.K and U.S also experience such losses but there are not as significant. The Indian government also experience huge power thieves across domestic, commercial and industrial establishments, large cities, and rural areas.

Whatever the type of loss is, there should be a proper process to avoid these unlawful activities so that most of the power loss will be saved.[Courtesy-USHARAMA]